10 qualities of The Millennium School

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The Millennium School is known for its trust and is committed to educational brilliance, athletics, art, and intellectual of the students. Also, it focuses on inculcating strong moral and social values in the student’s life. This blog is not to intend to be an exhaustive report on all the characteristics of great schools and the Millennium School has the features of a good school.

1. The objectives and goals which are communicated to the students, parents, staff and wider community. Everyone knows what he/she needs to do on regular basis to meet the institutional objectives and goals.

2. Being the best school in Gurgaon, The Millennium School has a very clear and shared mission for the school. Students, parents, and staff require knowing the purpose and operational parameters of the school.

3. The Millennium school has a climate and culture is conducive to learning. This is reinforced by rewards and praise for good performance and a student-centered approach to teaching.

4. This school believes in teamwork and identifies the problems faced by teachers and students. It also solves the issues with the best planning and advice. Staff members are empowered to make decisions. The principal facilitates and monitors this procedure.

5. Also, it focuses on the development of teachers professionally. This includes delegation of tasks, mentoring, formal in-house, additional responsibilities and external development of professional course. Teachers are accountable for their performance.

6. It also offers a safe environment to the students, teachers and other supporting staff members. It doesn’t tolerate violence, drugs, offensive weapons, bullying, gangs, sexual misconduct, stealing, and alcohol. Heavy emphasis on positive values such as hard work, honesty, self-discipline, caring, and fairness.

7. It also focuses on the involvement of parents in the school. Many types of research have shown that students learn better when their parents take a part in their schooling and meet with teachers. Also, parents can help in different school activities. Alumni and the wider community can provide help in many methods.

8. It focuses on learning and teaching. This is informed by the belief that all students can learn. Teachers find different methods to motivate and engage them. The curriculum is rigorous and teacher performance is normally monitored by the executive staff and principal. Teachers and students strive for excellence in extracurricular and academic activities.

One must notice all the above features when enrolling his/her children in a school. The Millennium School is the only school which fulfills all the above characteristics of a good school. This is the reason why it is named with the Top 10 School in Sohna Road Gurgaon.

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