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The Millennium School aims at making an environment whereby students can outshine in scholastic activities, develop intellectual capacities and show superior learning skills which prepare them to be a good citizen of the country. We offer the students the deep learning experiences to make the young learners value the wonders of this world and never to stop thirsting for more, at the same time appreciating, imbibing and accepting the latest as they go ahead with their lives.

The best high school in Gurgaon aka The Millennium School makes all possible efforts to offer many avenues of advancement, at the same time, unlearn and relearn, and training them to learn and are always open to new knowledge and inherit a love of ideas.

The Millennium School aspires to be one such school which makes unrelenting and constant efforts to forge close ties with the community it functions in/for. We focus on a symbiotic relationship based on trust and cooperation among principal, teachers, parents, and community residents. This school aims at equipping its students to meet the challenges of life with a sensitive and humane approach. Forming healthy relationships, emotional and social resilience and having a sense of awe at the beauty around us are the things that we seek to imbibe in our students.

Besides intellectual and academic excellence growth, the school endeavors to help an individual child discover and develop their innate abilities and talents. It seeks to instill in the children proper habits and values, and positive attitudes such as unselfishness, truthfulness, self-control, discipline, cleanliness, striving for excellence, good manners, punctuality, a rational and scientific approach.

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The Millennium School is committed to offering quality education via tested and accepted processes that aim at the continual development of the students, which helps them in growing as responsible citizens of the country. Being the best high school in Gurgaon, it focuses on preparing students personalities and makes them confident, open and receptive, imaginative, sincere, hardworking, dedicated, disciplined and creative.

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