The Millennium School Learning System, Learning Strategy

The Millennium Learning System

The Learning System of The Millennium School Gurgaon is an age based learning procedure that takes into account to the cognitive, emotional and psychological necessities of the student.

It has distinctive levels based on age appropriate pedagogy and developmental milestones.

How is MLS implemented?

The educational modules in the Millennium Schools is controlled by the Millennium Learning SystemTM. Every tangible for Millennium Learning System has been produced at the R&D Division of Education Quality Foundation of India, in light of an engaged result. This result is obviously comprehended through our vision for every student who enters the systems. Pedagogically apt, psychologically mapped and age appropriate tangibles are utilized at every level of the MLS. Some of these are the lesson plans, the assessment and the books. We know how MLS is important because we are known as the best schools in Sohna Road Gurgaon.


The explorer’s quest, project books, personalized dictionary, portfolios, follow up journals, concept books and apprentice manuals are altogether intended to help during the time spent building important skills. Students' inventiveness, presentation skills, and data handling skills are built automatically together with emotional and social skills as they learn via peer interaction and collaboration.

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Classrooms that reverberate with the delight of learning

Appropriate training and support guarantees that the facilitators are engaged to make a propelling atmosphere. The classrooms wind up dynamic with the way toward teaching-learning. The general impact isn't only a passive exchange of data, but enjoyable, lively, and interactive sessions where the students build skills and develop confidence as they comprehend and execute their information by associating it to their day by day life.


We are in the top 10 schools in Gurgaon and know that assessments are an essential part of the curriculum. It is an important part of MLS. It helps to raise the expertise levels of every student. A system of daily Summative Assessments and Formative Assessments help get this.

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