Best Pre Primary / Nursery School in Gurgaon

The Millennium school is the famous school all over India. It is affiliated to CBSE up to 10+2 level and is created by Education Quality foundation of India. Further, the philosophy and thought are based on deep-rooted Indian values and culture integrated with a global mindset. The policies of this school stand for a sensitivity and vibrancy to the requirement of all stakeholders.

The main focus of this school is to promote a holistic and well-balanced education based on the culture of India. The Millennium School has today, named as the best primary school in Sohna Road Gurgaon. This is because, it believes that education lies beyond the textbook and the best learning comes from reading, discussion, research, and self-inquiry. We polish the talents of students from the day one of their schoolings and sharp their thinking capacity not with teaching but by facilitating.


  • To increase the broaden the outlook and mental horizons of the children
  • To make education a co-existing friend of the students
  • To expand good habits, etiquettes and social manners among children
  • To stimulate and satisfy the urge of children to explore the event

As the best pre-primary school in Gurgaon, we build the mental, spiritual and emotional personality of a child and produce strong and responsible leaders for the society. It provides an education to the children in a happy, caring and secure environment. The architectural design of Millennium School includes flexible teaching units and single classrooms. This kind of design gives individual differences and educational requirements of the students, offering facilities for small group teaching, recreational needs, individualized learning.

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The school is committed to offering quality education via tested and accepted processes that aim at the continual development of the students, which helps them in growing as responsible citizens of the country. Being the best Primary school in Gurgaon, it focuses on preparing students personalities and makes them confident, open and receptive, imaginative, sincere, hardworking, dedicated, disciplined and creative.

The Millennium school is also known as Best Nursery school in Gurgaon and it is because it emphasizes the importance of understanding, skills, and knowledge of learning areas, cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities as the basis for a curriculum designed to help to learn. It has a firm conviction that a child’s mind is like soft and can be shaped in small age. The only mission is to focus on preparing wholesome personalities to see them be successful in every area of life.

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