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The Millennium School is one of the best primary School in Gurgaon whereby students can outshine in scholastic activities, demonstrate superior skills, and develop intellectual capacities which make them ready to be a good citizen of the country. Whether academic education or learning extra-curricular activities, we play an important role in the life of our students as guide them to be a good citizen of the country.

Moreover, our school campus has academic blocks, huge football and cricket playgrounds, skating beside basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. We have an exclusive sports complex with an indoor swimming pool, squash, Aerobics, badminton and shooting range. Education at The Millennium School is truly a three-way procedure among the student, parents, and school.

Our vision is to be the leading school in the community we serve, widely acknowledged as a secular institution which enhances ethical leadership and character in students. Our motive is to nurture in children a strong sense of community of justice and fair play and allow them an opportunity to express and learn themselves in the manners they enjoy best, applying their learning to different and challenging situations to reach their best potential.

The Millennium School is a school that breeds good citizenship: run and built by thinkers who believe in secularism and meant to nurture thinking students who reflect deeply on how they want to fashion an upcoming world. We believe excellence in learning and hard work must go hand-in-hand with integrity and humility and that knowledge acquired from education is not merely for the cultivation of our sensibilities or the first step towards employment.

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The Millennium School is one that breeds good citizenship. The objective of the school is to give a sound moral education while devoting special attention to their spiritual, social and physical development of the students. We offer an outstanding education for the children in our care; also we help to equip them to take up a useful place in society as caring, confident, caring and thoughtful thinking people. We hope your children grow as a generation of wise planners and eminent thinkers contributing to a better world with enrolling them in best primary school in Gurgaon.

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