Principal’s Message

In the present technology-driven age, the outskirts of knowledge are extending at an extraordinary pace and "other page of history is being composed before yesterday's ink is even dry …".

Learning and gaining knowledge is on an ongoing process. It needs focus and consideration of students and also their teachers. As the best schools in Sohna Road Gurgaon we are known to give the best of the best education and knowledge to all our students in the best ever way. We give the top level education to students and also engage their parents to check out the status of their children. With the increasing growth of technology and easily accessible information from us we expect more and more outcomes from students. In our learning process we never overload the student's we help to grow their mind with knowledge in order to survive in the advanced society.

Our challenge, as the best school in Gurgaon puts it, is to perceive that "we are the first generation of worldwide nationals. The decisions we make will set up an overall push to living, with which mankind will live for ages".

It is very important to use technology in education. It not only helps student to increase their knowledge but also help their teachers to get the updates and provide information in the most effective way. The Millennium School Gurgaon provides age-appropriate and learner centric infrastructure and curriculum to students to get their desired destination in life.

It is basic that all students, teachers and their parents with an awareness of other's expectations turn their regard for both the points and methods for education”.

In standing up to "the numerous difficulties that the future holds in store, mankind finds in education a key resource in its attempt to accomplish the beliefs of social justice, freedom and peace".

Knowledge commands a premium because it a power and savings. Give the school a change to be our window to what's to come.

Warm Regards,
Vineeta Mittal

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