Our Vision

We are committed to improve and develop the talent of students. The Millennium School Gurgaon believes in nurturing the students to get complete expertise in getting the higher level of success in their life. We make them able to be innovative and global citizens who have their own strong sense of whole world and society.

The Millennium Charter – Values

We are listed as the top 10 international schools in Gurgaon we make the students powerful in scholastics as well as aides in acing their overall development. We help them to energize their lives and get the top level in their life around the world opportunities. We develop them in a manner to benefit the society and build the future with our taught of ethical codes and universal values.

Our Focus:

  1. To make students a well rounded personality.
  2. Develop them as a productive and responsible citizen, environmentally and patriotic conscious.
  3. To provide education in a manner to contribute the society by their efforts.
  4. Development of secular and democratic values.
  5. Build values of tolerance, compassion, honesty and regard for others.
  6. Open the doors to lifelong learning and earning.

Admission Enquiry

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